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CJ and Olive

As a Brandon family photographer, personality portraits have to be one of the most fun sessions I do! Kiddos are all too eager to show off all their many faces. From sad faces to happy faces to silly faces, we cover it all and have the best time! Here are more details on what personality portraits are all about-

How long is the session?

The personality portraits will be offered as a mini session this spring season. As a Brandon family photographer, I like to incorporate specialized minis for your family to get some unique and fun images of your children. Minis are 15 minutes in length. Usually 15 minutes is perfect for young ones with short attention spans. I do recommend if you have 3 or more children that you purchase two sessions. This will allow enough time to capture several faces of each child. As well as give you more photos to choose from by having 10 images instead of just the 5 from the purchase of one session.

During our session, I will guide your kiddo to make all kinds of faces and expressions. It is guaranteed to stir up some giggles from everyone in the room. Personality Portraits are perfect for ages three to preteen-if they are not too cool yet 😉

What do my kids wear for this session?

Personality Portraits look best with a plain white casual shirt with either blue jeans or khakis. While most of the images are sitting down and show about waist up, some of the pants will be showing so keep that in mind. If we have time I will get some standing pictures as well.

How will I receive my images?

After the session, you will receive an email with instructions to an online proof gallery about 2 weeks later. While your session comes with 5 images of your choice, there will be more than 5 images in your gallery and you will have the option to purchase more after your choice of 5. Each image will be in color and black and white. Black and white is my favorite as it keeps the personality the star of the image. However, I know some prefer color so I like to provide options for your personal taste and for artwork options.

To check out more minis I offer throughout the year, you can check them out here: The Resting Place Minis or the Christmas Tree Minis.

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