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Congratulations! You may be first time parents or seasoned pros, but none-the-less, you brought home a new baby! I’m so excited to share with you my best tips on “How to Prepare for a Newborn Session.” There’s so much that’s already running through your mind while bringing a new baby into your home. I knew I wanted to create a guide for moms that would help alleviate any stress when it comes to preparing for your baby’s session. 


First thing to think about is location. For newborn sessions, I typically recommend in-home or in my studio. Since the baby is so small and not used to changing temperatures, I usually prefer a controlled environment. In-home/studio sessions provide a sentimental touch to your newborn session too. I will bring my swaddles and props with me. Somethings to consider when planning an in-home newborn session: 

-What rooms would you like to shoot in?

-What does the decor in those rooms look like?

-How is the lighting in those rooms?

If you don’t want to worry about the hassle of cleaning house or worrying if you have enough natural light coming in, my studio is the perfect option! 


Planning in advance will also help to decrease stress on session day. I know it’s not always feasible as you’re adjusting to life with a new member of the family, but if you have time, here are a few things to do beforehand: 

-Most clients chose to put baby in a simple onesie or swaddle (avoid cliche outfits, costumes, and props). 

-Feed baby right before I arrive (please know I build in plenty of time to nurse/feed as baby needs during the session). 

-Have a pacifier on hand in case baby becomes unsettled switching poses.

-Remove clutter on tables, clear off countertops, and nightstands and tuck distractions into closets. 

-Keep your house nice and warm so baby doesn’t get cold.

And remember to trust me to find the best lighting and locations within your home! 

During the Session

You can also help your older kids learn how to prepare for a newborn session in a few different ways.

-If you have older siblings, talk to your children about how much fun we are going to have together and how excited I am to meet them. 

-Be ready to roll with whatever happens. Small children are very sensitive to our energy; if they sense frustration, things can go south quickly. If we all stay upbeat and excited, we’re more likely to have a happy kiddo. 

-You may bring neutral colored snacks as treats for children such as cheerios, neutral colored puffs, etc (think no cheesy or colored stained fingers or messy crumbly foods) These treats can only come out towards the end of the session or as a last resort because once toddlers know the treat is there that will be all they want and a meltdown may ensue if the do not get it. 

-Look for moments to connect! I want you to be intentionally affectionate! Hold hands, kiss foreheads, nuzzle together, give eskimo kisses, and snuggle up close.

 Wardrobe and Getting Ready

When it comes to wardrobe, remember I will have a dress for mom to wear that we’ve picked out before the session. But here are a few additional things to know: 

-Wear nude spanx and undergarments. 

-If we are meeting on location, arrive in clothing that is easy to change in and out of in case we are changing in cars/bathrooms. 

-On your nails, a pale shade of pink or neutral french manicure looks best.

-Do not get a spray tan or apply fake tanner.

-Dads look best in chinos that are either khaki, light gray, charcoal grey, or navy with a neutral button down or henley style shirt.

There you have it! I hope you learned a lot on how to prepare for a newborn session. My goal is to create a stress-free experience for all of my moms. If you are a current client, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. I want to make sure you’re as informed as possible. If you’re new here, hi there! I would love to chat with you and talk about your dream session! You can fill out an inquiry form on my contact page.

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