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CJ and Olive

I love serving as a Madison, MS newborn photographer and surrounding areas. The Kelly family did an amazing job with having their home prepared for their session. I wanted to give you a peak into what it would look like if you hired me as your in home lifestyle photographer.

The Session

When I arrive at your home, I will take a look around to see where the best lighting is. I look for areas that are well lit, with not too much sun shining directly through. I want soft even light on your family to create those beautiful creamy light and airy images. I’m also looking at what would be in the background. If there is something distracting, we will move it around to get the area set up before we start.

Once we have found our spot and cleared any clutter or distractions, I like to start with family shots firsts or sibling and baby first. I know all to well how toddlers attention spans are very short so I like to keep them engaged in the beginning. If toddlers need a moment to recoup with a snack or they need an incentive snack, have snacks on hand that are neutral colored. No cheesy or red dyed snacks. Think non cheesy puffs, cheerios, marshmellows, etc. Those are all good options as they don’t make a crumbly mess and they don’t stain your toddlers mouth or clothes.

Once siblings are done with the family and need a break, I move into individual shots with mom and dad. I love capturing the unique relationship you have with your little one and all those snuggles and kisses we can get.

After mom and dad do individual photos, I take some images of baby by himself. I will bring all the wraps, head pieces, and props like my moses basket and wooden bowls. I usually take individual of baby on the master bed if we do images in there or in the nursery in baby’s crib. Next I’ll find a spot on a non distracting rug or bare floor that would work with my moses basket or bowl. I keep all my props and swaddles neutral colored tones so nothing is distracting from baby. The soft, timeless look of neutrals enhance the aesthetic as well. I also use this time to capture baby’s details. I love to do close ups on baby’s hands, feet, eyelashes, lips, nose, and hair. These little features change so quickly so I love to capture them all if I can.

If there is another area in the house the family would like to shoot in then we will move to the next spot and repeat the family pictures in that room and a few of baby. Usually toddlers have had long enough to catch a second wind to go for round two by this point.

I allot 2-3 hours towards every newborn session whether in studio or in your home. Sometimes baby needs to feed or have a little snack feed. Sometimes toddlers need a minute to warm up to the situation. Click here to receive my tips and tricks for your toddler for your next session.

Preparing Your home

You can prepare your home for your in home lifestyle newborn session by doing a few things. One, make the house warmer than usual. We may be a little hot but baby will sleep like a dream and be comfortable. Two, declutter spaces you would like to use for your session. Try to pay attention to what would be in the background if you were wanting an image on the master bed for example. You would ask yourself are these pillows clashing with our attire or do they compliment? Is there a lot of knick knacks on the night stands? Third, have everyone fed including baby shortly before I arrive at about 10am. That way no one is making it through the photo session hangry and baby will be ready to sleep for the next couple of hours.

If you are looking for a Madison, MS Newborn photographer or in the surrounding area, inquire here. If you would like to learn more about a session with me and the experience I provide, you can here.

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